SPID is the Croatian Screenwriters and Playwrights Guild, the only artists guild in Croatia that brings together Croatian writers in the fields of audiovisual and performing arts, i.e. all those who write works of art for film, television, theatre, radio, Internet, comics, computer games, performance, new media, and more!

We are a relevant community of writers, who actively participate and contribute to the national and international culture, audiovisual and performing arts industry; we promote the rights and obligations of screenwriters, dramaturgs and playwrights, asking for our work to be appropriately honoured, systematically supported, and adequately protected by effective and consistent carrying out of laws. We organize public events, workshops and round tables dealing with contemporary and relevant topics from various fields of screenwriting, playwrighting and dramaturgy, as well as private programmes intended for our members’ professional development in numerous fields (legal workshops, psychodrama workshops, advanced writing workshops, etc.).

SPID was founded in 2015 as a result of a long-term initiative of screenwriters and playwrights from the Branch of Playwrights and Screenwriters (Croatian Association of Dramatic Artists) and the screenwriting project Palunko (Croatian Film Association). At present, SPID has more than 100 members, all of them writers active in different fields of the audivisual and performing arts sphere.

In 2017, by a decision of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, SPID was included in the List of artists guilds whose members are entitled to tax benefits in pursuance of Article 22 of the Law on the Rights of Independent Artists and the Promotion of Cultural and Artistic Creativity.

In 2018, SPID became one of the artists guilds that have their representative in the Croatian Audiovisual Council (one of the three bodies that manage the work of the Croatian Audiovisual Center, through deciding on the allocation of funds for programme activities, and other issues of importance for the national audiovisual industry).

In 2018, SPID became a full member of the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE).